All About Estates: Planning, Probate, Litigation

Estate planning is one of life's truly remarkable bargains. A modest amount of time, effort and expense now can save a family many thousands of dollars — maybe a million or more — and prevent troubles after someone passes away.

Avoid Probate — Protect Privacy — Protect Assets — Ensure the Orderly Distribution of Your Estate According to Your Wishes

With a custom-designed will, powers of attorney, trust(s) and a health care directive, you can help your family (or other designated beneficiaries) avoid probate, prevent disputes, preserve assets and focus on personal and practical matters after your death — and even beforehand if you become unable to take care of your own affairs.

Beware of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning. Get an Attorney's Personalized Guidance.

Knowing you have provided for your family and crafted your legacy thoughtfully can bring peace of mind as you go about your life. Every adult with assets should conduct a personalized estate planning check-up with a lawyer's help from time to time. A good rule of thumb is to review your estate planning goals and legal instruments already in place every three years or every time there is a change in your family status: after a marriage, divorce, death, acquisition of property or birth of a child, for example. Call or email Goins & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation, in Oakland, to request a discussion with a lawyer about your estate plan.

Settle a Loved One's Estate Properly, With Confidence and Without Delay

Or you may find yourself on the other side of the coin: You may be responsible for settling the estate of a loved one. As the executor/executrix (personal representative) of the estate or trustee of assets of the deceased, you naturally want to be careful to fulfill your duties correctly and do all you can to get the estate properly allocated and released. Our attorneys can guide you assuredly through the necessary processes without delay.

Confront and Resolve Probate Litigation in a Manner That Would Honor the Deceased Person's Intent

If, on the other hand, you or a family member believes an estate is being mismanaged, you should see a lawyer right away. The sooner we help you confront the challenges of a will contest or trust litigation, the greater the chances are that your case can be resolved fairly and in a timely manner without decimating the estate with excessive legal fees. Contest or defend your loved one's estate in accordance with his or her expressed wishes.

Protect Assets — Put Your Estate Plan in Place or Get Guidance Administering a Loved One's Estate

Call 510-899-9065 or email us to schedule a review of your estate planning, probate administration or probate litigation needs. Out-of-state family members are welcome to contact us regarding resolution of a California estate.