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At LOVCG we believe it is important to give back and actively participate in the improvement of our community. One of our clients, Red Ventilator, for example,  is a partner of LOVCG.  Red Ventilator has the mission of providing Open Source ventilators to populations around the globe who do not have access to Ventilators during this COVID-19 pandemic and to be prepared for and future events where medical devices are in short supply.  Vernon stresses community involvement and many of our clients are Pro Bono because we want to provide justice to those who would normally not have access to a firm like LOVCG.

The wide range issues and clients that we represent is a challenge at first for all members of our team.  After a short time at LOVCG, we realize that it is an opportunity to become better at advising and advocating for our clients. We also discover that Vernon leads by example and helps us to grow both personally and professionally.  We stay in constant contact as a team and each member is provided the resources, learning paths and support to continue to grow and thrive.  Our clients know that they can call on us for their legal needs and we will provide the consistent and trusted counsel in each and every of our practice areas.  Our clients know that we are a part of their team and we all know that we have the support of Vernon and the entire Firm.  While we take our work for our clients very seriously and the work load can be high, Vernon emphasizes sanity and having fun together and makes a point to schedule it for the team. 


Our attorneys and legal professionals know that our work can be demanding at the LOVCG as we vigorously advocate for our clients.  It is also understood that work-life-balance, professional growth and Pro Bono work are emphasized and valued.  Vernon makes it fun and a supportive environment for his team even during these challenging times.

Working at LOVCG 

We have a very diverse team at LOVCG.  We have more women than men and that is a source of pride for the Firm.  The firm is a minority owned firm with lawyers and team members from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.  We very much represent the diversity of the Communities we serve.  We often assist churches and community organizations with their legal issues as a way of giving back to the community.

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